While on break from school, I decided to take a trip to do a photo shoot in North Carolina.  My nieces were willing subjects for me to practice on.  Here are a few of the images.



With only two quarters left of school at Gwinnett Technical College, every spare minute needs to be used shooting, planning shoots and giving myself personal assignments. Below are a few from a shoot last week.

We are still weeding through images to potentially go into our portfolio.  Here are a few more hopefuls.

This year has been B U S Y!! But in a good way!  I am happy to announce that in less than 6 months I will have completed the Commercial Photography Program at Gwinnett Technical College!! WHEW! At the moment we are narrowing down images for our portfolio.  This process is intense, but such an amazing learning experience.  Below are a few images that were chosen from the first round review.  I would love your feedback and/or comments about any or all of the images.

Out shooting!

Today was quite fun shooting with some friends of mine. Twila and Kacy Whitley were awesome models for me! I allowed them to choose their own outfits and just have fun with the photo shoot!! Here are a few of the images that were taken.


During the Photojournalism Seminar, photographer John Kaplan shared a documentary he did on his journey through Cancer. It’s definitely a video worth watching and sharing with everyone you know! We all know someone or may have lost someone to cancer! Watch the trailer and order your free copy of the film from the website http://www.notasipictured.org

Being at the Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar was AWESOME to say the least. There were so many photographers that were Pulitzer prize winners and it was a bit intimidating being around them, however they were truly personable. They were all open to share their knowledge and give advice of how to make money in this economy. Those who chose to, could enter their work in a variety of categories to possibly win. Gwinnett Technical College graduate, Damian AhChing won first place for one of his images! Congrats, Damian!
The complete list of winners and their images are listed on the website. http://www.photojournalism.org/2010-contest-winners/